Part 1: Cardinal’s Interview With Jon Keller of WBZ TV Channel 4

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Part 1: Cardinal’s Interview With Jon Keller of WBZ TV Channel 4

Keller @ Large: One-On-One With Cardinal Sean O’Malley

Part 1
BOSTON (CBS) – What will the Archbishop of Boston, Cardinal Sean O’Malley, be thankful for this Thanksgiving Day?

“I’m thankful first of all for my faith, for my family, for this country, for my vocation,” he told WBZ in an exclusive one-on-one interview, his first on broadcast TV in years. “And I’m thankful that we were able to stop Question Two.”

That come-from-behind Election Day victory over the ballot question legalizing assisted suicide featured a strong push by the Church, and when we sat down to talk about the results at the Archdiocese headquarters in Braintree, Cardinal Sean made it clear he hopes this was the start of greater public receptivity to the Church’s pro-life principles.

“Younger Americans are more pro-life than my generation, and I think there’s a lot more consensus out there than people realize,” he said. “Maybe the fact that they were born at a time when their mothers could have decided that this was not a convenient time to have a child and gone to the clinic and had an abortion, I don’t know…. It’s not necessarily coming out of their religious commitment, because a lot of our young people have not been well-formed in the faith of their churches. It’s a sort of spontaneous reaction, I think, on their part .”

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