Worcester T&G: NO on Question 2

October 23, 2012 Comments Off
Worcester T&G: NO on Question 2

On October 21st, the Worcester Telegram and Gazette published an editorial endorsing a NO vote on Question 2 on November 6th. The Telegram-Gazette argued against Question 2 by saying: “that deliberately taking life is fundamentally wrong,” and that “asking doctors to be involved in that process is incompatible with their oath to first do no harm.”

The editorial goes on to say:

“Advances in medicine, notably the expansion of hospice care options, have given people in the last stages of life more options than ever before to be comforted, settle their affairs, and spend valuable time with family and friends. Such times can indeed be opportunities for spiritual growth and understanding, for both the dying and their survivors. Life is never without pain, but doctors, nurses, and other caregivers understand better today than ever before how to alleviate that pain and ease the transition we all must face from this life to whatever comes next.

There already is and will continue to be dignity in dying. Question 2 ballot language is fraught with questions that needlessly complicate what is a difficult, but manageable process. We urge a “no” vote.”

You can read the full editorial here.  Please take the time and share it with your friends and family.

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